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Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper

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Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper

Ellie Bailey (45), US


This is my first ever guasha purchase and I love it. I like the shape and it's thinner than I expected. Edges are also smooth, making it easy to glide on the face. After using this beauty tool for a couple of weeks during my nighttime skincare routine, I have to say that I'm definitely a rose quartz girl! The shape of my face actually looks slimmer. This gives it a nice lift.


Jessie Hayes (38), UK

The product looks good in person. It's also easy to use and clean. This easy to clean part is very  important for me as I'm very particular with the products I use or apply on my face. Been using this Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper for weeks, and so far, so good! I use this beauty tool to massage my face in an upwards motion for 5 minutes every night, and it's very relaxing. I felt like this gave me a natural glow with consistent use.


Savannah Wall (43), AUS

I purchased this guasha tool and have been using it for quite a while now. This works better when cooled. I use it on my jawline and sometimes shoulders to help ease the muscle tension. It feels good every time I use it. This rose quartz scraper easily contours my face and even gives a lifting effect. Amazingly, it also reduces the appearance of my pores and pimples!


Gua Sha Massage: The History & Benefits

Though there were early records of use of Gua Sha in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), this ancient traditional Chinese medicine treatment traces its roots way back to the Paleolithic Age. The historical records revealed the use of hands or stones to rub specific areas of the body of unconscious or sick people, alleviating symptoms of health conditions.


Its name was derived from the term "Gua", meaning scrape and "sha", meaning sand. Based on the traditional Chinese medicine perspective of holistic body healing, this alternative medicine practice uses a stone to scrape across the skin, focusing on areas with muscle tension. The process helps relieve pain and inflammation.


Though its roots are in East Asia, where the technique is also used as part of acupuncture therapy and herbal and traditional East Asian medicine, Gua Sha is now widely practiced across the globe to treat a variety of health issues such as inflammatory, immune, muscular, and respiratory conditions.


Gua Sha in Modern Times: More Than a Skincare Trend


The "clean beauty" movement and social media were contributing factors in the early hype surrounding gua sha and its myriad of natural anti-aging benefits in 2019. “As beauty consumers in general have shifted toward healthier, natural, organic ingredients, they have also started seeking similar approaches to potential anti-aging treatments, and avoiding painful, expensive procedures,” the founder of Cecilia Wong Skincare states.


Known for its skin radiance boosting and lifting benefits, the gua sha facial done by a professional helps stimulate key meridian points in the face to produce visible results. Although having the facial performed by a licensed practitioner who knows the proper technique gives you a sense of how it should and shouldn't feel, many at-home beauty tools such as the Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper also make a good addition to skincare routine and deliver similar results.


Rose Quartz Vs. Green Jade: Which one’s better?


The crystalline structure of green jade and rose quartz slightly differs as rose quartz is harder, making it more challenging to crave. That’s why, in some cases, rose quartz is more expensive. Its surface can also look smoother than the jade stone when carved.


Sculpted directly from non porous crystals, both stones can’t absorb oil or cream. This makes both natural stones easy to maintain and clean.


In terms of skin benefits, there is no clear cut winner. It all boils down to preference in color and aesthetics. When used in skincare and gua sha facial, both the rose quartz and jade stones have the ability to stay cool on skin contact.


When applied to the skin, the cold sensation from the stone aids in increasing blood flow, while the pressure stimulates the lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins from the skin. Improved blood circulation helps brighten the skin, reduce puffiness, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.


How to use the Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper:


Step 1: Wash your face with gentle cleansing products.

Step 2: Apply your usual serum, facial oil, or night creams to your face and neck. Gently pat the product into your skin with your hands. Do not pull or tug.

Step 3: With the curved inner side of the gua sha scraper, use upward motion and sweep up over your neck from your clavicle. Using the same side of the scraper, move on to your chin, stroking over the length of your jaw towards your ears.

Step 4: Switch to the curved outer side of the Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper for your cheeks. Lightly press the tool down on the sides of your nose, stroking over the length of your cheekbones, towards your ears.

Step 5: Using the same side, move on to your forehead, starting at your eyebrows and stroking up towards your hairline. Switch to the pointed edge of the gua sha scraper. Go over the area in multiple short, successive strokes. Doing so prevents the appearance of fine lines.

Step 6: Use the scraper on your face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes,  three times a week to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Step 7: Clean the product according to the instructions.


Special Tips:

  • Put the Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper in the refrigerator. When chilled, it gives a cooling effect that helps relieve facial fatigue and puffiness.
  • Aside from the face, gua sha scraping can also be used on different parts of the body, including the back, leg, arm, foot, and hand.


The Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper gives a deep massage that boosts relaxing benefits and delivers a subtle sculpting effect that contours and lifts the skin.


The Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper has been proven to: 

  • Scrape and lift the face
  • Improve blood circulation, which help relieve facial tension and release toxins
  • Aid in product absorption, allowing the nourishing ingredients from the skincare products to sink deeper into your skin
  • Provide a relaxing massage
  • Smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
  • Offer sculpting effect to the face and neck
  • Enhance skin elasticity, toning and tightening the skin
  • Prevent appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles around the eyes
  • Increase blood flow for a natural, healthy glow


“Gua sha is not just for the face. Though it seems that way due to its rise in popularity in the skincare and beauty industries, its main benefit is improving health through lymphatic drainage. It can be used on the arms, legs, chest and neck to relieve pain or tension, and increase circulation to reduce inflammation.” - Cecilia Wong, Founder of Cecilia Wong Skincare


"Gua sha can stimulate blood flow and remove coldness, negative energy, toxic-heat and promote lymphatic fluid from the body through the skin… Through the process, more blood serum is produced, and improves the body's immune system. Sometimes, when I go back to Germany, I often use this treatment on my family to remedy some ailment."- Max Jonuscheit, a German who studied traditional Chinese medicine in China for four years.


Louise Wood’s Skincare Journey with the Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper

"I was looking at a mirror one time and noticed fine lines and wrinkles are starting to appear. A friend told me about the skin lifting benefits of this gua sha scraper, so I bought it." - Louise (43)

Week 1: I started using it to contour my face and neck gently. In the first week of use, the fine lines were still there but I noticed some brightening effect on my facial skin. I kept this on my bedside table as I kept forgetting to use this on some days.

Week 2: Wrinkles and fine lines were significantly reduced. Very impressed with this gua sha scraper. I placed it in the refrigerator for the best cooling effect.

Week 4: After consistently using the Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper for almost a month, I can finally say that it really improves my overall skin health. My skin looks supple and more hydrated. It even minimized my pores and removed my wrinkles. More glow and less puff. I love this product! Sometimes, I use this to massage the tense muscles in my shoulders. Works like magic!


Product Specifications:

  • Material: 100% authentic jade stone/rose quartz
  • Style: Beauty lift tool for face and neck

Package includes: 

  • 1 x Natural Rose Jade Gua Sha Scraper

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