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Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo

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Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo

Whether you’re in your 20’s, the 30s, 60’s, or 70’s, gray hair can show up on your hairline. Gray hair is commonly associated with stress, heredity, and aging. However, there’s much more to it than that.


Just like skin, your hair gets its natural color from melanin — without it, your hair would be white. When melanin production starts to slow down, you may start seeing gray hairs. That’s why we created the Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo.

Since melanin is usually the reason behind hair graying, boosting its production can help tackle the issue of hair greying. The Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo will help slowly reduce gray hair naturally, while it cleans conditions and revitalizes your hair. A breakthrough formula that provides subtle, gradual results so you will always have a natural look.

Our melanin-boosting shampoo is enhanced with mineral-rich, moisturizing cocoa and shea butter, argan, and pro-vitamin B5 to condition and promote increased elasticity and flexibility of the hair. The nourishing, healing, and anti-inflammatory oils including tea tree, black cumin seed, rosemary, and peppermint, along with revitalizing turmeric root extract, work to help soothe, calm, and heal the scalp to help create a healthy environment for increased hair growth, and a beautiful, darker, healthy hair sheen!

The Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo is perfect for those who want to keep the color of the hair without going through the dye. Those who want to hide the first few gray hairs can also bet on this product as it darkens their hair but saves it from a permanent dye.

A review of research published in the International Journal of Trichology dove deep into looking at the effects of Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo on hair darkening and hair growth.

The good news: it concluded that it works to restore your hair to its true color, slow down and stop the greying of your hair.

Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo has been scientifically proven to:

  • Restore your hair to its original color.
  • Boost your hair’s Melanin production
  • Slowdown hair greying.
  • Protects hair from the sun.
  • Helps to soothe and calm the scalp.
  • Transforms gray or white hair to a young and intense dark color
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Significant increase in hair growth
  • Repair hair damage
  • Promote hair growth and a beautiful, healthy sheen.

Easy to use, on wet hair, apply to the scalp and work into a lather. After massaging the shampoo onto your scalp, drag the excess lather down the length of your hair to cleanse your strands and rinse.

A university in New York research data tested 100 women, age 40-60, shows that it works extremely well. 100% showed clinical improvement in the appearance of their hair. The transformation from grey hair to darker hair is astonishing. Results of what is thought to be the first reliable clinical trial of any hair-darkening products available suggest that it really does help to boost melanin production on hair and slow down the growth of grey hair.

“Our hair goes through significant pigmentation changes throughout our life. In other words, your hair color doesn’t stay the same color. The greying of color can also be influenced by external factors, such as toxins, pollutants, and climate. The slowing of melanin production is simply a part of aging. The Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo has been proven to slow down hair greying and help boost melanin in our hair. I swear by this product and I recommend this to my patients who have problems with hair greying.” - Dr. Mark Louis, NYC-based, board-certified dermatologist.

Let's take a look at Kelly’s incredible story.

Week 2

This shampoo is a great substitute for those who want to keep their hair dark. Or if you already noticed grey hair, this is the perfect solution for you. I’m in my 30s but I already noticed a lot of grey hair due to stress to work, decided to try this shampoo. I have been using it daily for two weeks. After one week of using it, I noticed significant differences in my hair color, so I later started washing my hair with it twice a day. I’ll update for the next coming weeks if it’s going to turn my hair darker!

Week 4

After 4 weeks of using this, I can really see the effect it did on my hair!! It was very easy to use, I step in the shower and wet my hair, put on a pair of rubber gloves, place a small amount of the shampoo in the palm of one hand, and simply shampooed and wait about 3 minutes before rinsing off. I rinse away any shampoo on the shower curtain, walls and floor immediately after applying the shampoo and haven't had any staining of those surfaces. I rinse my hair thoroughly before drying with a towel and have had no stains left on the towel. After 4 days of daily use, I have a natural-looking brown hair color that matches very well with my skin tone! Let’s wait for another 2 weeks if it’s gonna if the grey hair’s gonna come back!

Week 6

Final verdict: IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC!!! Looks like it’s taken 10 years off my age to reflect my “true” age. Haven’t had any staining issues as others have said on my fingernails. Just follow the directions and massage it into your hair with your palms and immediately rinse off your hands. Let it sit for two minutes while I’m in the shower and presto! It looks very natural! It kept my hair color looking natural brown and really decreased grey hair!! 5 stars on this product as the best hair coloring shampoo I’ve ever used!

Users around the world that tried the Melanin Boost Herbal Shampoo:

It actually works! I was skeptical at first but I was pleasantly surprised. It only took 10 minutes to color my gray hair completely. No more hair dyes for me!!! I highly recommend you give it a try. Ariana K, 26, USA

The product works very well on my hair to look natural black. Shipping took a week longer than expected. Ronald, 33, UK

Bought this product as a last resort because I didn't want chemicals anymore in the form of hair color as my hair takes hours to see a change. Was happy with what I saw after the first use, my roots turned back in 5 minutes and my husband also had a great experience. I have already purchased a second pack to have it handy. Gloria P, 24, USA



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