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Fit&Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet

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Fit&Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet

Mark, 41, Illinois, US

I was searching online for an anniversary gift for my wife and came across this bracelet. I've heard about the health benefits of wearing a tourmaline bracelet and it just so happened that my wife also has sleep issues. My wife tosses and turns at night. So I bought this as a gift. She loves the design. But more importantly, she says it helps her sleep better after wearing it for a week. Thanks a lot for this great product!



Jenny, 25, Miami, US

I wanted to lose weight but I have no time for intense workouts. So I bought this magnetic weight loss bracelet to see if it's really effective in stimulating the metabolism to increase calorie-burning. Been wearing it for two weeks and I can attest to its effectiveness! This bracelet helps with the bloating and I have less sugar cravings as well. Healthy diet and this bracelet helped shed 5 lbs in two weeks. Amazing!


Karen, 30, Sydney, Aus

I work 12 hours a day and on top of that, I also have a toddler who requires so much attention and care. The stress from the heavy workload and lack of proper sleep took its toll on my health that I've suffered from upper back pain and headaches. I've heard so much about the tourmaline magnetic bracelet and its healing effect. I'm so glad I purchased this. The uncomfortable pain in my back eased up. This also reduced my headache and helped me achieve a deeper sleep. Its magnetic tourmaline stones are really working on me. I feel less stressed and more energized. Thanks!




Early Records of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is an alternative medicine practice that involves the use of different kinds of magnets on the body to improve overall health and well-being and treat certain ailments and diseases.

The earliest record of use of magnetic therapy was around 1200 BC, where the ancient chinese were believed to have used lodestone, a mineral with natural magnetic properties, to cure certain conditions and balance the flow of chi. Magnetism was believed to have helped maintain the steady flow of the life-force energy, thereby relieving the body of blockages that cause physical conditions.

From 600 BC in the Hindu Vedas, there was a mention of a loadstone being placed on a person's body who was suffering from a health issue. This alternative method of healing was also used by ancient people from Greece, Egypt, and other countries.

In 1600, a book called On the Magnet and Magnetic Bodies, and on That Great Magnet the Earth was published by an English scientist and Queen Elizabeth I's physician, William Gilbert. The book detailed his quest to discover the earth's magnetic field and revealed a series of experiments Gilbert carried out on magnetism. He was believed to have used this method to treat the queen's arthritis.

Since then, the popularity of magnetic therapy and its pain relief and healing benefits has grown. The high-profile record of athletes using this alternative practice to relieve pain from injuries greatly contributed to magnetic therapy's earlier hype.

Nowadays, some people suffering from pain and other health conditions seek relief from alternative medical devices and accessories that incorporate magnetism. The magnetic tourmaline bracelet, for instance, is a popular choice.



Now Enter The Fit&Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet

The rose gold plated Fit&Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet has an elegant, classic design that goes well with any look. 

The bracelet is made of high-quality 4000 ions magnetic rainbow tourmaline stones that produce synergistic effects on health. It has emeralds to promote healing, chakra to speed up metabolism, bloodstone to increase energy, citrine to improve digestion and strength, amethyst to invoke balance, and rose quartz to boost circulation.

Magnetic Brain Stimulation for shedding excess pounds

A 2017 study showed that an electromagnetic brain stimulation technique helped the obese individuals reduce food cravings and lose weight. Researchers used the noninvasive, deep transcranial magnetic stimulation or dTMS to send signals to the brain and alter the composition of intestinal bacteria. The study revealed that those who received dTMS for five weeks lost over 4 percent of their fat and more than three percent of their body weight.

Blood circulation Boosting

Tourmaline is capable of self-producing electrical charge, which allows the minerals inside the gemstone to emit negative ions and FIRs or far-infrared rays. The far infrared rays and negative ions emitted from the gemstone penetrate the human body on a deeper level, resulting in expansion of capillaries that carry blood and increased blood flow. The increased blood flow promotes oxygenation and regeneration, which play a huge part in regenerating cells, pumping out the energy of the body, strengthening the immune system, and improving the functions of all major organs.



The detoxifying effect of far infrared rays and negative ions from tourmaline

Studies reveal that toxic overflow or blockage in the body can weaken the immune system and is directly related to chronic diseases, stress, and other conditions. One of the benefits of the tourmaline gemstone is its ability to enhance the detoxification process.

As the negative ions and FIRs penetrate the organs and tissues, they help increase the flow of blood, improve circulation, and aid in detoxification. This inner cleansing effect removes wastes and toxins from the blood, promotes healing of a variety of ailments, supports fat loss, and improves overall physical and mental well-being.

The Fit & Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet promotes fast and healthy weight loss while attracting positive energy and improving overall health.

The Fit & Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet has been proven to:

  • promote fat breakdown
  • attract positive energy
  • reduce inflammation
  • strengthen heart health
  • aid in digestion
  • lower blood pressure
  • detoxify the body
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • work as an elegant fashion accessory with its 4000 ions magnetic rainbow tourmaline stones
  • fit most wrist sizes as it has an adjustable design

The action of the pounding surf creates negative air ions and we also see it immediately after spring thunderstorms when people report lightened moods. Furthermore, Columbia University studies on depression in winter has shown that depression can be relieved as much through negative ion generators as it can through the use of antidepressants, without the negative side effects. These ions increase the amount of oxygen flow to the brain, increasing awareness and mental energy." - Michael Terman, PhD, of Columbia University on the effects of negative ions on mood and mental alertness.





Tina Fowler's experience with the Fit & Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet

I have a desk job and the long hours of sitting in front of the computer and reaching for unhealthy snacks when I get stressed may have contributed to my weight gain. I wanted to get rid of the bloating and shed the excess weight without spending hours at the gym, so I tried this magnetic tourmaline bracelet.

Week 1

The first week of wearing this I can feel that my body is flushing out all of the toxins. This also improved my digestion, as evidenced by my regular toilet visits. I felt like my tummy had slightly flattened in less than a week.

Week 2

In my third week, I tried to weigh and saw that I lost 5 lbs by just wearing this bracelet. I was amazed! Apart from that, I feel like this improved my sleep efficiency. Everyday I wake up feeling more invigorated and energized. Plus, I no longer crave sweets. I purchased this bracelet in hopes of losing some weight but I got more health benefits than I expected.


Week 3

My body is now in the healthiest state. I’ve achieved my weight loss goals, thanks to this bracelet. Aside from that, I feel calmer, sleep better, and have healthier sleeping habits.




    • Length: Chain - 26cm (Adjustable)
    • Color: Rose Gold / Silver
    • Weight: 4.6g
    • Stone Size: 3mm



    • 1 x Fit&vibe Fit&Vibe Magnetic Tourmaline Bracelet

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