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Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray

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Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray

Imagine burning more calories without even moving out of your bed? Are you ready? 🔥

Thermogenics have been around since World War 1. It’s been scientifically proven to increase metabolism, suppress appetite, stimulate fat breakdown, and inhibit fat storage. Since then, Thermogenics have been enhanced and developed. As the name suggests, these supplements are designed to burn fat. The term "thermogenic" comes from thermogenesis or heat production. There are different types of Thermogenic supplements around, there are pills, powders, and creams. We want to make the process faster, safer, and easier for everyone so we created the Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray. Infused with essential nutrient groups and natural ingredients that will cause your body to burn more calories at rest and during exercise.

One such study conducted on 12 male participants found that Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray enhances Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) and Fat Oxidation for several hours after ingestion.

A similar study on 13 female participants found that Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray increases BMR and has the potential to increase overall energy consumption and lead to weight loss over time. More studies also point in the same direction: Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray can increase the REE whilst maintaining heart health, decreasing fatigue, and enhancing alertness. These effects are correlated with the blend of potent ingredients found in the Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray.

Our experts at Fitlab™ laboratories have exhaustively researched and developed the most up-to-date, cutting-edge formula for fast, effective fat burning.

Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray uses extensively tested and proven ingredients like cayenne pepper, caffeine, and green tea extract at the dosages used in clinical studies. This means you get maximum results in the quickest time, in one easy to take formula.

The Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray is scientifically formulated to deliver extreme fat burning and accelerated weight loss. The powerful combination of proven ingredients will give you fast, whole-body fat burning and a boost in energy, mood, and mental focus to help you achieve your best physique. The Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray fires up thermogenesis in every spray that accelerates your metabolic rate.

This means more calories and more stored fat can be burned as fuel for energy. Even while you're doing nothing. It activates specific fat-burning hormones that break down stubborn stored fat. This triggers hormone known to have a direct effect on fat burning. These hormones tell your fat cells to release stored fatty acids into your bloodstream where they can be burned away for good.

The Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray has been scientifically proven to: 

  • Deliver extreme fat burning
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Amplify energy levels
  • Strip off those last few pounds of stubborn fat
  • Transform your body
  • Maximize your workout

“The Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray is formulated to help you lose weight and reach your body goals faster than with diet and exercise alone. Knowing that these products are 100% organic, natural, and have no additives will give you extreme confidence that you’re spraying your body with incredible nutrients that can help you burn more calories”. Dr. Mariah Craig, Wisconsin University

Anna, 28, from New York, have started using this spray back in January 2022 as her sister suggested it, ever since she has seen immense change in her body. Let’s take a look at her amazing body-building journey.


Week 2

I’ve been dieting after spending most of the winter indoors. It may sound like an excuse but the combination of bad weather and not being able to do much made me want to snack constantly. When the weather improved, I was able to go outside for walks and I noticed some progress, but my still not enough for me to reach my weight goal. 

When my sister recommended Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray I was skeptical. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t even take painkillers, so using a weight loss spray was not a decision I took lightly.

After using Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray for 2 weeks I felt that my metabolism got really faster even if I don’t eat much, and I’ve been sweating a lot even if I’m doing minimal house chores. For me, that was what I needed to keep going! I can’t wait to use it more and experience more of its benefits.

Week 4

Within four weeks of adding Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray into my routine, I dropped 9 pounds and lost 2 inches around my waist! Seeing the weight drop off gave me the boost I needed to keep going. And I’m so happy! I just spray this on my belly, arms and legs and after a few minutes, I’m sweating like crazy! And for the first time in months, I can feel my confidence starting to return. I’ll be using this more!!

Week 6

I’m so glad I didn’t give up because over a period of six weeks I was able to lose 21 pounds! That was the magical number for me because it meant I was finally back to my original weight. I now feel more confident enough to join a gym and I’ll be using Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray as a way to lose stubborn fats and maintain my weight!! If you’re still on the fence about buying this, I’m telling you. It’s life changing.

I am soaked by the time I remove my waist trainer after about 1.5hrs at the gym. I can feel the heat on my skin - all good! This product is great, smells good and the consistency makes it easy to apply to my skin without irritation. It works very well! Harold Brooks, 25, California USA

I apply this to my tummy every morning while cleaning the house and got noticeable results in just a week! Love adding this to my workouts as well. I recommend this. Andrea Simmons, Sydney Australia

I use this product to help me lose weight and get me on the right track for my workout. I sweat so much when I do my exercise. I will be buying it again in the near future. Elvira Mason, Queensland Australia

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