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Anti Snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring

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Anti Snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring

Users Around The World That Tried the Ring.

Raya Evans (27), UK

My husband can attest that this ring works! Every night I wear this ring, and I guess the acupressure points are really working on me as my husband said he's no longer awakened by my snoring. I also noticed an improvement on my sleep quality and woke up feeling refreshed. This is a great purchase!


Taylor Burns (30), US

My wife said I snore so bad. At first, I was skeptical if this magnet therapy ring would work. I've literally tried everything out there, from anti-snoring mouthpiece to sprays and even therapy strips but nothing worked. First few nights that I wore this on my right little finger and it didn't disappoint. My wife is no longer bothered by my loud snoring at night and she and I both have been sleeping better for the last two weeks 'cause of this ring. Give it a try! It won't disappoint.


Bella Connell (29), AUS

I've read about this anti-snoring ring, which uses a combination of magnetic and acupressure therapy. So I bought one for my boyfriend and it reduced his snoring in the first week of wearing it. He used to snore like a wild boar but this ring actually cut his snoring in half. I really recommend this to those who are looking for an easy yet effective solution.


Approximately 40% of women, 57% of men, and even up to 27% of children in the U.S. experience snoring. Although its health implications and severity can vary, snoring can make it difficult for you or the person sleeping next to you to achieve a good sleep quality. This results in low energy during waking hours.

There are several factors that cause snoring. Factors like having a nasal congestion or thick soft palate or excessive tissues in the back of the throat due to being overweight can constrict the airway, causing the airflow to create tissue vibrations and noise while you breathe during sleep. In addition to mouth anatomy and nasal issues, consuming too much alcohol before bedtime or not getting enough sleep can lead to throat relaxation that contributes to snoring. Some sleeping positions also narrow the airways.

Common treatments for snoring include lifestyle changes, nasal strips, anti-snoring mouthpieces, and mouse sprays. But some people opted not to use complicated remedies and found a solution in the use of the traditional Chinese medicine technique like acupressure and magnetic therapy. 



The Principles of the Anti-snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring

The western medical research proves that activating the respiratory muscles helps prevent snoring. The anti-snore ring works by delivering acupoint pressing through the human nervous system. It provides sufficient pressure to the acupoint stimulation point, which is precisely positioned in the nerve point of the left thumb root. The constant stimulation delivered by the acupressure activator inside the ring stimulates the central nerve and vagus nerve, which is connected to the respiratory system. The whole process aids in reducing and eliminating snoring symptoms.  


Constructed with Powerful Medical Magnet

Acupressure and acupuncture practitioners use magnets during practice to amplify the effect of the alternative and holistic method of treatment.The pressure point stimulators within the ring are incorporated with two magnets, which help boost the acupressure point activation.

The implanted magnets also deliver airway-opening effects that can help individuals with narrow respiratory passage, which is often related to being overweight or having a serious condition called sleep apnea. Although reports show that magnet therapy has no medicinal value, it continues to be used today as a remedy for snoring and sleep apnea.


Acupressure Application for Snore Treatment & Better Sleep Quality

The key principle of traditional Chinese medicine stemmed from the belief that our body contains 14 meridians or energy pathways that are linked to different body organs. An early record of use of acupressure treatments dates back from 3,000 BC. This age-old, non-invasive massage technique is based on the fundamental principle of acupoint activation.

The use of acupressure to alleviate snoring and improve overall sleep efficiency works by applying pressure on the acupoints on the face and doing light stretching to open up nasal passages, making it easier to breathe through the nose.

Based on the principles of acupressure, the Anti-Snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring applies pressure on acupoints on the little fingers to reduce and eliminate snoring symptoms.A manufacturer of the anti-snoring ring claims to have conducted clinical trials on the effectiveness of acupressure applied by the rings. The research showed 80% reduction in snoring experienced by individuals who used the ring for one day and 14 days.

Another study conducted by the manufacturer revealed 20 participants didn't experience a decrease in snoring when they wore the ring on the index finger. Participants who wore the anti-snoring magnetic therapy ring on their linger finger, however, reported reduced and less loud snoring. They also claimed to have felt more energized the next day.

Experiment research conducted in western countries showed that more than 85% of wearers of the anti-snore ring significantly improved the quality of sleep, inhibited recurrence of snoring, and treated patients with sleep apnea.


How to Use the Anti-snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring

The anti-snore ring only works when you wear it. Simply place it on your little finger (left hand for women and right hand for men). Push the ring to the bottom of your little finger until it's halfway between the joint and knuckle. Make sure that the raised part of the ring is correctly positioned on one of the meridian lines in the little finger before gently squeezing to activate the acupressure point stimulator.

For maximum benefit, do not wear the ring for over 12 hours at a time. Wear it at least 30 minutes before bedtime. In most cases, it can work the first night, but it may take 4 to 5  days for the body to get acclimatized to the acupressure.

The Anti-snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring promotes the dilation of the breathing areas to eliminate the cause of snoring, thereby resulting in better sleep.

The Anti-snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring has been proven to:

  • Prevent or significantly reduce snoring
  • Combine the use of the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture and acupressure
  • Feature three acupressure activators
  • Promote smooth breathing and better, undisturbed night sleep
  • Prevent blood pressure instability

BBC journalist, Rosie Millard, claimed that the anti-snore ring with acupressure stopped her husband's snoring immediately.

"Rather like those car-sickness bands which press key positions on the underside of your wrist (and work brilliantly), the snore ring does the same on your finger.. Thirty minutes before slumber time, The Snorer should place the ring at the base of his/her little finger with the gap facing upwards. The overall effect is that your partner is suddenly wearing a signet ring. Very posh," the BBC art correspondent wrote on her website.

An independent study shows that the pressure stimulators in the anti-snore ring help stimulate the central nervous system. The study claimed that this positive stimulus of the central nervous system support the throat and larynx muscles, resulting in reduced nasal congestion. 68% of the 153 snorers who took part in the study and wore the ring for two weeks experienced a significant decrease in snoring or found that their snoring stopped completely.


Jenna Shared Her Husband’s Journey with the Anti-snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring

My husband, Jake, was a huge snorer, and it was a nightly torture. I was barely able to sleep at night because of his frequent and very loud snoring. We’ve tried dozens of anti-snore devices in the market but to no avail. So, I bought this magnetic therapy ring and let him try it.

First week of wearing this ring, I tried to monitor his sleep one night and noticed an improvement in his breathing while asleep. The snoring was reduced slightly, but it’s still noisy enough to disturb my sleep.

In the second week, the snoring was significantly decreased. I barely hear his interrupted breathing at night.

After nearly a month of wearing the anti-snore ring, the snoring that used to routinely disturbly both of our night’s rest is completely gone! I’m amazed and very thankful to whoever created this product. Worth a try for snorers out there!


Product specifications:

  • Materials: Titanium & Alloy
  • Pressure points inside the ring contain 2 magnets
  • Size: adjustable
  • Colors: black, silver, gold & rose red

Package includes:

  • 1x Anti-Snoring Magnetic Therapy Ring

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