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Anti-Sebum Rolling Stone Oil Control

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Anti-Sebum Rolling Stone Oil Control

get any oily skin under control. Across the mountain and sea, they sought for the answer. Researching a myriad of possibilities, the secret they were looking for eluded them for a long time. Volcanic Stone.

A volcanic stone is a volcanic rock that gets released during a volcanic eruption. After the lava cools down, it crystallizes and creates sponge-like stones. The volcanic stone has been around for millions of years and has brilliant uses which many are using and developing today. One of them is the Volcanic Stone Oil Control Roller.

Everyone needs a certain amount of natural oil to keep their skin supple and moisturized. In some people, though, their faces can produce too much oil. This creates oily skin. You know you have oily skin if your skin constantly looks shiny, and you go through several blotting sheets a day. Oily skin can even feel greasy within hours of cleansing. That’s why we created the Anti-Sebum Rolling Stone Mineral Oil Control.

If you've been using oil-blotting sheets or setting powder, we've got a totally new way to bust oily, shiny skin on the go: the Anti-Sebum Rolling Stone Mineral Oil Control. This is made with real volcanic stone, which soaks up excess oil that causes shine. It's reusable, easily cleaned with warm water, great for on the go, and doesn't lift your makeup.

It’s easy to use. You simply roll it over any areas that you're experiencing shine and let the volcanic stone get to work. In seconds, your makeup or bare face is refreshed

The Anti-Sebum Rolling Stone Mineral Oil Control will help you combat shine instantly. Just pop the cap and this compact shine buster is ready to roll, for on-the-go touch-ups, anytime, anywhere. Best of all? It’s reusable!

The Anti-Sebum Rolling Stone Mineral Oil Control has been proven to:

  • Minimize the appearance of excess shine on your face.
  • Absorb the look of oil to encourage a more mattified illusion.
  • Keep oily skin at bay without moving your make-up.
  • Combat oily skin instantly.

A university in New York research data tested 100 women, age 25-40, shows that it works extremely well. 100% showed clinical improvement in the appearance of oily skin. Results of what is thought to be the first reliable clinical trial of any oil control product available suggest that it really does help to combat the overproduction of sebum.

"It works! It seemed gimmicky at first, but it's not. You don't need to add layers of powders. You don't need to add to the trash with blotter sheets and tissues. You just roll this stick with a ball at the end, and it literally absorbs the excess oils from your face," Dr. Jean Garnett, American Dermatology School, New York

Daisy, 25 has extremely oily skin. This was recommended by her dermatologist. Let's see how the Anti-Sebum Rolling Stone Mineral Oil Control (Volcanic Stone) affected her.

Day 1

It works! I'm surprised at how well it works. My skin is super oily. I am only wearing concealer in this picture. This was after 9 hours in the day. It's really light and amazing at the difference. The oil obviously comes back, but I can definitely tell a difference after using it! Awesome. I’ll be using this more in the next few days and see if it will continue to work!

Day 3

You know what! When I started using this, I noticed that my face doesn’t produce much oil anymore!! At first, I used this for like 6x a day but now I only use this twice a day!! What sorcery is this?! Also, can I just say that this product is far better than any blotting paper? It's less wasteful due to being reusable and it is also quite durable and portable. Loving this!

Day 6

This will be staying on my make-up kit forever!! I love this so much ❤️ I just wish it’s larger? Nevertheless, this lived up to its promise and beyond. This has worked better than anything I’ve ever gotten including astringent! Thank you for this.


Others that tried Rolling Stone Oil Control

First off, if you have extremely oily skin, this. is. it. I was so tired of getting blotting powder/wipes. It felt wasteful and always left residue on my face. After my first use, I was in love. Now, it doesn't pick up everything, but it does make it more matte and gives you a natural look. I am so excited this product exists, and I already feel more confident. Elizabeth Jennings, Louisiana USA

It makes my skin kind of glow. Truly love it and would totally buy it again and recommend it to all my friends and family!! Constant Craig, Boston, USA


I have never tried this wand. After I tried it I loved it. Left my face feeling smooth and soft. It helped a lot with my oily skin! Sandra Powers, Sydney AU

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